While serving our clients for over the past three decades, we’ve learned a few things about what worries successful people:

  • Could I lose everything?
  • What am I achieving with my money?
  • How do I find the time to manage my wealth?
  • How confidential is my financial situation?
  • Who do I call when something goes wrong?

We understand these concerns firsthand.

As a young entrepreneur, Bruce Lefavi invested in real estate. A natural businessman, he eventually found great success, earning millions of dollars from his investments. Eventually, however, a single, unexpected turn of the market erased nearly all of his wealth. He eventually recovered, diversified his investments, and regained that wealth. While painful, this experience taught Mr. Lefavi a number of important lessons that have allowed him to help other wealthy individuals and business owners to manage their finances.


Lefavi Wealth Management, the firm he later founded,
is an independent financial planning firm with nearly four decades
of history. Based in Salt Lake City, we help high net worth
individuals plan for and protect their futures.

Contact us today to discuss the status and future of your wealth.

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