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Successful business owners and other prosperous individuals want good information and the ability to plan for their futures. For nearly 40 years, Lefavi Wealth Management has often produced consistent, favorable results for a number of our clients. Our clients know what to expect from their advisors and investments. In part, this predictability may be a result of the company’s systematic approach to financial management.

Meet with an advisor

Together we’ll take an in-depth look at your current investments, obligations, and goals. Here we will help you define what true happiness means to you and develop a plan that will help you obtain it.


Based on the results of our Discovery Meeting, we’ll build, and then present a formal investment plan.


After you’ve had time to review, research, and compare our investment plan, we’ll formalize our relationship through a clear, concise agreement.


We’ll meet regularly to review progress and discuss implementation of the advanced plan.

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Our Investment Philosophy

Our disciplined, long-term investment strategy is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), tactical asset allocation, diversification, and custom rebalancing.

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