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Wealth Management in Salt Lake City, Utah

Lefavi has been trusted by hundreds of investors just like you since 1980. Invest with a company that puts it’s customers first.


We Are Committed To You

To positively impact your life, we need to sit down and formulate a plan together. With a focus on people, not transactions, we work to examine and enhance all areas of your wealth. We spend ample time listening, learning, and then analyzing your situation.

Wealth Management Company


We do not hide anything from our clients. Our clients can expect honest, open communication regarding everything our advisors do, period.

Lefavi Wealth Management

No Hidden Fees

We don’t offer any commission-based products, and there will never be hidden costs or charges associated with the services that we provide for you.

Lefavi Wealth Management


We can optimize your financial planning and help you achieve your goals through collaboration. This builds long-term relationships based on trust.

Lefavi Wealth Management


We provide top-notch wealth management services in Salt Lake City. With our team’s expertise and experience, you can get effective investment tactics and finance product guides.

The Lefavi Process

Through close collaboration, Lefavi Wealth Management works through a process of creating a successful and comprehensive financial strategy that is tailored specifically to individual client’s needs and ambitions.

Lefavi Wealth Management

1. Learn

We take the time to dive deep into your financial situation. It all matters. Our holistic approach looks at the big picture, as well as the small details.

Lefavi Wealth Management

2. Model

Using industry-leading software, we generate a model based on your information. From this we create a personalized plan to meet your objectives.

Lefavi Wealth Management

3. Educate

We explore different outcomes by adjusting the model with you, in real-time. This educates us on how changes today will affect your wealth tomorrow.

Lefavi Wealth Management

4. Strategize

Our team will continue to analyze, tweak, and fine-tune your new financial plan. Using this information we will build your custom portfolio to match your personal risk tolerance, income needs, and goals.

Lefavi Wealth Management

5. Invest

Our goal is to grow your account as much as possible, while minimizing risk and taxes. We provide you with meaningful updates on the status of your portfolio, with a collaborative approach.

Lefavi Wealth Management

6. Review

We meet and review your account to make sure the plan is working. Assessing any new information, and make adjustments to optimize the performance of your portfolio and long-term plans.

Lefavi Wealth Management

Building Financial Futures For Over 40 Years

We’re committed to taking the best possible care of you,
by using our holistic approach.

We’ve been providing comprehensive, holistic wealth management services since 1980. Our passion is taking our knowledge and experience, and empowering our clients with it. We are a private and independent wealth management firm. Which means, we have the freedom and the flexibility to assist our clients in choosing the investment strategies and financial products that work best for them.

Lefavi Wealth Management

“We take the time to look at the big picture, because wealth management is about
much more than a portfolio.”

Work With Lefavi

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Lefavi Wealth Management
Lefavi Wealth Management
Lefavi Wealth Management
Lefavi Wealth Management