About Lefavi Wealth Management


Founded by Bruce Lefavi, Lefavi Wealth Management is a private wealth management firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our financial planners and wealth advisors have been helping individuals and families with wealth protection and enhancement since 1980.

We provide full wealth management, a service much more comprehensive than traditional financial consultation. With a focus on people, not transactions, we examine and enhance all areas of wealth including wealth preservation and wealth transfer. Our unique network of professionals, which includes attorneys, accountants, and insurance professionals, holistically assess all areas of financial well-being, from healthcare to home ownership.

As an independent advisory group, Lefavi Wealth Management provides unbiased financial guidance. With our own Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) and Broker-Dealer, we answer to no one but our clients. Our advisors have the freedom and the flexibility to assist our clients in selecting a vehicle that will best suit their financial position.

Incorporating our decades of experience, we have developed a systematic approach to wealth management that involves a disciplined, long-term investment strategy based on Modern Portfolio Theory, tactical asset allocation, diversification, and custom rebalancing.