Investment Philosophy

Disturbed by the losses we saw when the economy recessed, we adjusted our investment strategies to be more risk-averse to meet the personal goals and individual needs of our clients. Lefavi Wealth Management has integrated those concepts into our portfolios, creating a strategy that has proven to be very successful.

Though not excessively cautious, Lefavi Wealth Management takes a conservative and prudent approach to financial management. Even through economic ups and downs, Lefavi clients know what they can expect from their advisors and from their money. We blend moderate growth with asset protection to help our clients reach their long-term financial goals while minimizing risk. We never try to beat the market by buying into gimmick investments or taking unnecessary risk. Instead, we focus on steady, predictable growth.

Our disciplined, long-term investment strategy is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), tactical asset allocation, diversification and custom rebalancing. Our experienced Investment Committee discusses portfolio adjustments weekly. This Committee carefully, and continuously, monitors our portfolio and takes proactive action as needed to ensure that our assets are on track for growth. The team of advisors that comprises the Committee have more than 100 years of combined investment experience. The Committee meets weekly to analyze and discuss general economic activity, assess the health of previous strategies, and research potential future strategies. The Committee continuously explores new investment opportunities and estate-planning techniques, as well as strategies for asset protection and reducing state and federal taxes.

Modern Portfolio Theory