Management Participation

In today’s world, successful individuals often receive poor financial advice from self-serving individuals looking for a piece of the pie. That philosophy flies in the face of each and every manager at Lefavi Wealth Management. Here, our clients and their needs, ambitions and goals always come first.

In order to ensure that our clients receive unbiased advice, we do not affiliate with or manage any investment products. Keeping a clear line of separation between our advisors and the investments they recommend demonstrates the openness and transparency that create the foundation for our services.

It is one of our many policies we follow to ensure we are best serving our clients and providing the best guidance for their wealth management.

We are proud to say we have been independent throughout our history, and our commitment to that independence allows us to act exclusively in our clients’ best interest. But we do more than say we are independent, we show it to you in our everyday actions.

Our commitment to aligning advisor and investor interest is borne out in how we handle our own investments.

Our managers are required to use the same investments that they recommend to their clients. That means that our managers recommend only investments they themselves would, and do, employ.

This ensures our clients receive the best advice from our experienced, savvy managers. Because our advisors have their money invested alongside their clients, and because they only accept an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee, they are fully invested in positive client outcomes.