Professional Network

As a comprehensive wealth-management firm, Lefavi Wealth Management goes far beyond simply advising clients on investments. We address issues pertaining to tax planning, risk mitigation, retirement planning, estate planning, charitable giving, insurance analysis, and other significant aspects of your finances.

Simply setting up an investment portfolio is rarely the best way to manage overall wealth. Further analysis is necessary to understand a client’s overall financial position and ambitions. In order to best ensure a secure financial future, we realize all sources of financial risk, monetary growth, and fiscal drain must be examined. To provide the most thorough examination possible, we provide a holistic approach to wealth management assessment through a highly specialized network of professionals that span the wealth-management spectrum. We work with honest and dependable attorneys, accountants, and insurance professionals who delve into each of our client’s portfolios to analyze each and every aspect of their financial well-being.

We work to ensure our clients are getting not only the biggest returns on their investments but that they are also making the most prudent decisions with all of their financial decisions.

Our network of professionals provides the best possible analysis and understanding of individual clients’ financial portrait in a way that allows our managers to help guide clients to financial independence and prosperity. We work with clients to develop, implement, and manage financial plans designed to support them in pursuing their life’s goals and endeavors. Lefavi Wealth Management is committed to helping clients evaluate and improve all areas of their financial lives.