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Lefavi recognizes its operational dependency on computer systems, networks, database services, Internet, e-mail, telephone and fax services, electrical power and other essential items and the potential loss of revenue and operational control that may occur in the event of a disaster. Lefavi has authorized the preparation, implementation and maintenance of this comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan. The intent of this Plan is to provide a written and tested plan directing officers and employees to take certain actions in the event of an interruption in continuous services resulting from an unplanned or unexpected disaster.

This Disaster Recovery Plan is designed to recover from the “worst case” destruction of Lefavi’s operating environment. The “worst case” destruction assumes the loss of the total facility, supporting infrastructures (e.g., power grids, telephone switching centers, microwave towers, and cell and wireless transmission sites near the location of Lefavi), and the incapacity of key personnel.

Disaster Recovery Team and Supervisor

Lefavi shall have in place a disaster recovery team that carries out these procedures and provides for a coordinated disaster recovery response. Key personnel have been assigned certain roles and are responsible for managing resources, gathering and analyzing information and making decisions during an emergency.

The Disaster Recovery Team shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Develop and maintain this Disaster Recovery Plan;
  2. Procure the necessary supplies, equipment and systems to implement the Disaster Recovery Plan and to support disaster recovery in the event of a disaster;
  3. Conduct training drills; and
  4. Keep current on threats and identify potential disasters that may disrupt the operations of Lefavi.

Lefavi shall designate an employee who will be responsible for directing disaster recovery operations (“Disaster Recovery Supervisor”).

Identifying Potential Disasters

The Disaster Recovery Team shall meet at least 1 time a year to discuss types of potential disruptions to the operations of Lefavi and to plan how Lefavi will operate during, and recover from, those disruptions. Potential disasters and disruptions include:

Power Outage

Building Fire

Virus, Cyber or Other Attacks on Data

Severe Inclement Weather


Epidemic and Pandemic


Bomb Threat

Hazardous Materials/Biological Event

Terrorist Attack

Disaster Response

In the event of a disaster or other event that causes a severe disruption in the operations of Lefavi, the following steps shall be taken:

1. Employees or officers of Lefavi who become aware of the disaster shall contact the Disaster Recovery Supervisor, and, if the Disaster Recovery Supervisor is unavailable, shall contact a senior officer of Lefavi

2. The Disaster Recovery Supervisor, or whoever is on call, shall contact the other members of the Disaster Recovery Team and call them together if, in their judgment, it is necessary to implement the Disaster Recovery Plan. A member of the Disaster Recovery Team shall also contact the senior officers of Lefavi. Using a call tree, the Disaster Recovery team will consistently inform employees regarding the disaster.

The Disaster Recovery Team shall prioritize which essential employees should report to work or the designated location. Other employees should be instructed to stay home. The Chief Compliance Officer shall maintain the phone calling tree and circulate it to each person who has direct operational responsibility or supervisory responsibility over the disaster recovery process.

3. The Disaster Recovery Team shall act as a clearinghouse for response and recovery information. The Disaster Recovery Team shall designate an inbound telephone number, which team members can use to report injuries, update the progress of disaster recovery, and find specific persons.

4. The Disaster Recovery Team shall gather critical information about the disaster and its impact on the operations of Lefavi. Such information may include:

What are the unresolved issues?

What is needed and where is it needed?

What progress has Lefavi made towards implementing the Disaster Recovery Plan and resuming normal operations?

Who is working on what and where are they?

5. The Disaster Recovery Team shall monitor:


Health and safety

Computer operations



Disaster situation

6. The Disaster Recovery Team shall determine appropriate response strategies, including offering assistance to employees displaced or otherwise adversely impacted by the disaster.

7. The Disaster Recovery Team shall request and obtain necessary resources to implement response strategies, which may include:


Recovery team members

Security guards

Cleaning staff


Temporary employees


Replacement office supplies

Recovery supplies

Health and safety

Food and water


First aid kit


Replacement computer equipment

Replacement communications equipment




8. The Disaster Recovery Team shall activate resources.

9. The Disaster Recovery Team shall oversee activities related to disaster response and recovery.

10. The Disaster Recovery Team shall declare, at the appropriate time, the incident is over and that Lefavi and its personnel should return to normal business operations. Critical Business Functions

Lefavi has identified critical Business Functions and has developed back-up plans to follow during an emergency or disruption:


Periodically, the Disaster Recovery Supervisor will conduct disaster recovery training drills. The Disaster Recovery Supervisor shall inform each new employee about this Disaster Recovery Plan.


Lefavi shall have in place a system governing communication among key employees during a disaster.

In the event of a disaster, each key employee shall follow a pre-established check-in procedure in an attempt to establish communication and report the form of communication he or she is using.

Rev. 022019