One of the greatest benefits of proper wealth management is the freedom it provides to give something back. Having built a lifetime of savings, many of our clients seek our assistance in transferring a portion of their wealth to institutions of their choosing. Clients can choose many options from supporting an existing charity to creating a new program to address a community need or to creating business opportunities through their philanthropy.

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Regardless of which path a client chooses, our advisors and managers recognize the importance of donating in the most fiscally prudent ways. We help clients think through the income repercussions and tax implications of charitable donations. Gifting appreciated assets can eliminate capital gains tax for both the client and the charity to which the client is donating.

It also allows clients to write off the donation on tax returns. Our advisors and managers can help clients navigate these decisions to maximize the benefit to both our clients and the charitable organizations to which they donate.

Long-term planning can help our clients make educated decisions about where they donate and help them discover ways to help those donations go even further. With strategic giving, clients can make fewer but larger donations to the causes they want to support. That allows us to help track our clients’ donations and see how those donations are moving through an organization. That allows our clients to measure their charitable return on investment.

For clients who want to make a long-lasting impact with their philanthropy, we can help with perpetual charitable giving. Where appropriate, we can help find and establish the most successful and tax-efficient vehicle for clients interested in such an endeavor.

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