Wealth Enhancement

Lefavi Wealth Management was founded with the goal of helping clients strategically preserve their wealth for themselves and their families. One of the first steps in reaching that goal is to engage in wealth enhancement. Wealth enhancement is about much more than getting a pay raise, seeing an individual investment grow or creating a healthy savings account. It is a combination of those and other financial aspects that help clients grow their wealth.

The goal of wealth enhancement is to minimize the tax impact on clients’ investment returns while ensuring their cash flow. Our network of professionals will examine every aspect of our individual client’s financial situations to assess where wealth enhancement can best be gained. That network of attorneys, accountants and insurance professionals apply their areas of expertise and then join together to create a holistic approach to wealth enhancement for individual clients.

Our Investment Committee meets regularly to assess previously employed strategies and to explore future strategies. The Committee helps identify the best approaches for individual clients to continue to enhance their wealth in fiscally prudent ways. Our advisors and managers meet with clients to discuss new methods to aid their wealth enhancement and plans to create the biggest return on investment.

All of that is done while applying the principles of classic portfolio management. Our advisors and managers understand the need to balance wealth preservation with asset growth for our clients. Lefavi Wealth Management strives to minimize unnecessary risk while growing clients’ portfolios and reducing their tax burdens. Our personalized financial plans help our clients grow their wealth and create the financial future they aim to have.