Wealth Preservation

Wealth preservation is about more than not losing money; it is about ensuring that an investment portfolio can fund our clients’ desired lifestyle indefinitely. Wealth preservation requires a conservative, but innovative, approach to financial management. Our decades of experience have given us a unique ability to perceive and mitigate risk, allowing our clients to keep more of their money over time. Together, we work with clients to help them obtain their financial goals and fiscal aims throughout their lifetimes and beyond.

Lefavi Wealth Management engages in an approach to portfolio management that helps protect against recessed economies or downturns in the market. That approach helps create steady growth throughout the lifetime of an investment. While there is always some risk involved in investing, we work hard to make appropriate adjustments over the course of an investment to create the largest return while mitigating as much risk as possible.

Through our consultative approach, we will select the investment vehicles best suited for our clients’ fiscal position, risk tolerance, and financial goals. Lefavi Wealth Management works collaboratively with our clients to ensure we are working toward our client’s specific goals. Open, clear and transparent communication is one of the keys to preserving our clients’ wealth and meeting our clients’ goals. Our advisors and managers meet regularly with clients individually to answer any questions they have and adapt to their evolving needs. Together, we identify and take the best approaches to preserving our clients’ wealth and helping them achieve their financial aims.