Wealth Protection

Lefavi Wealth Protection


Even the best financial plans are susceptible to risk. Specific risk factors may include situations such as market volatility, legal exposure, and the potential for disability, long-term care, or even death. Our wealth protection services are aimed at identifying and mitigating these risk factors. Specifically, we evaluate portfolio diversity and insurance coverage, recommending adjustments in allocation or coverage where necessary.

Lefavi Wealth Management provides a holistic portrait of our clients wealth, and we partner with a network of professionals who add their legal, accounting and insurance expertise to the assessment of a client’s portfolio. Our Investment Committee’s more than 100 years of combined experience provides the expertise for an unparalleled assessment of investment strategies to ensure each client is being best served by his or her portfolio and that each portfolio balances risk with growth.

Our advisors and managers work to prevent situations such as savings shortfalls that impact our clients’ retirement plans or estate erosion caused by unexpected expenses. We do this by ensuring that each individual within a family has his or her needs met with our financial planning. That can mean adding life insurance or long-term care insurance for some family members and not others. It also means we work to anticipate our clients’ changing needs throughout their lifetimes and work together to meet those needs.

Lefavi Wealth Management strives to mitigate risk for our clients and to protect against changes in the market and in our clients’ lives through decades of collective experience. No investment is without risk, but our advisors and managers work to protect our clients’ wealth through complete understanding of our clients’ goals, constant analysis and open, honest communication.

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