Wealth Transfer

Our clients have worked hard to obtain their fortunes and have earned the right to share that wealth with their spouse, children, and future generations. But it’s important to understand how wealth transfer works and the most fiscally prudent strategies for wealth transfer. Lefavi Wealth Management knows how to best protect wealth as it moves from one family member to another and as it moves from generation to generation.

Our advisors and managers work with our individual clients to find the best investment vehicles to grow, protect and transfer wealth based on our clients’ individual needs and aims. Our advisors and managers understand the rules, regulations, and tax laws that govern estate planning and the transfer of wealth. They work with each client to ensure that individual goals are met using the most appropriate combination of wealth-transfer techniques.

The experts at Lefavi Wealth Management can help clients craft a will or trust that meets the client’s particular needs. It is important to have a will or trust to help determine how assets are distributed to family members, charitable organizations and others. Our advisors and managers work with clients to create a personalized plan for wealth transfer that reduces tax impacts and ensures our clients keep the greatest amount of money possible. We work with our clients to provide impartial, efficient, and professional handling of their estate.

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